Crystal Radios (was Re: List spammer ID'd)

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 10:44:59 2001

> Sure, albeit a less "authentic" one. I've always heard that
>germanium diodes are better for this (does this have something to do
>with their forward voltage drop of 0.3V vs. silicon's 0.7V?)
>the venerable 1N34A.
> -Dave McGuire

Yes... A silicon diode will require a stronger signal to overcome the .7
volt threshold.

Since we've already violated the purist aspects by using a semiconductor
diode, you could use a battery to apply a forward bias to the diode. In this
model, the signal doesn't need to overcome the entire .7 volt forward bias
voltage and makes a radio that is MUCH more sensitive.


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