Lubert Trek

From: CELang <>
Date: Sat Sep 1 00:05:14 2001

I was just reminded this evening about a program I've been looking for on
and off for years now. It was a Star Trek game written by Col. Lubert. I
think he was Air Force, but I don't remember for certain. It was a battle;
Enterprise vs a Klingon battle cruiser. I found the program on the
University of Minnesota's CDC Cyber 74 in 1979 and did a conversion to
Apple ][. Someone asked to borrow my only hardcopy of the program, and like
a good little idiot I gave it up. Then the cassette with the Apple copy
died. Of course, the guy I loaned the hardcopy to had no recollection of it
and by this time I no longer had access to the Cyber.

Does anyone out there have a copy of this game? Thanks for reading.

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