8" Floppies

From: Geoff Reed <geoffr_at_zipcon.net>
Date: Sat Sep 1 15:00:49 2001

At 02:37 PM 9/1/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Jerome Fine replies:
>Other than a CPU, DEC never seemed to manage to make decent
>hardware the first time around. Even the software had bugs that
>were really dumb. Of course, compared with M$, DEC software
>was Platinum compared to Tin (is there anything less than tin?).
>[But since DEC was bought in 1996?, that is OT]

Dec didn't design the RX50... DEC bought out another company that
originally designed the drive (IIRC) and they had a warehouse of the
drives, unused and dev put them to use.
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