symphony for dot matrix printers

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Date: Sat Sep 1 15:23:17 2001

On 1 Sep, Glen Goodwin wrote:

> Some useable sounds might be:
> (printers, of course)
Don't forget pen plotters hamering the pen down on to the paper, sirring
steppers, ...

> hard drive spinup & chatter
load and unload of removable media (MOD, ...)

> crt charge & discharge
> floppy drive stepper motors
> ps fans
> cpu cooling fans
and the pumps of the water cooling...

> tape drives
Uhhh. I have to record the sound of my 9 track pneumatic autoloader
(cipher F880):
klick, KLACK, (tape gets locked...)
bss, bssss, (and rewound)
fffffFFFFFFF.... (fan spins up),
bss-shldl-shldl-shldl-shldl, (tape gets roled off and blown throgh the
drive mechanics)
klick-klack, klick-klack, klick-klack (tape gets caught at the other
bsss, BSSS, BSSSSSSSSBSSSBSSS, (tape gets positioned at BOT)

> ASR 33s
> PAC readers
> card readers
modems and acoustic couplers
beepers (in terminals)
typing on a keyboard (with micro switchs)
power and other switches
start up sounds (Apple, SGI)
opening and closing enclosures
roling enclosures (with wheels) around
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