"New" Books

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sat Sep 1 19:28:39 2001

I went to the thrift store after a tip from someone who works there, and

Fire in the Valley - The Making of the Personal computer
Norsk Data - A Success Story
Corporate Crisis - NCR and the Computer Revolution
Blue Magic - The People, Power, and Politics Behind the IBM Personal
West of Eden - The Endo of Innocence at Apple Computer
The Computer Establishment
The Computer Entrepteneurs - Who's making it big and how in America's
upstart industry
Apple - The inside story of intrigue, egomania, and business blunders

plus a number of other books about NCR, IBM, and ITT. The most
interesting right now is "Norsk Data" written by Per Oyvind Heradstveit.
Among other history of the company, it describes a bit about the
development of SAM1, SAM2, and the Nordic computer systems. These are
brand new names to me, so they are especially interesting!!!
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