HP & Compaq

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_bg-tc-ppp122.monmouth.com>
Date: Tue Sep 4 08:04:06 2001

> > > So what's everyone think about the newest merger, between HP
> > > and Compaq?
> > It sure explains why Compaq killed Alpha.
> It sure makes me worry about the future of the HP-RISC line. (Although
> the new Intel technology may have already sealed its death warrant.)

The plan was IA-64 which is why HP helped develop the chip.
PA-RISC is dead... or would've been had they not have had to resurrect
it because of delays on IA-64.

Capellas is just another GQ Bob Palmer.
Let's see if Carly Fiorina will do better than her partner in crime
Rich McGinn at Lucent over time.

  Bill Gates is a Persian cat and a monocle away from being a 
  villain in a James Bond movie              -- Dennis Miller 
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