DEC Design

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Sep 4 10:11:02 2001

--- Dave McGuire <> wrote:
> RLs and RKs (especially RK06/7) are wonderful drives. I've used a
> lot of both and I love 'em.

My oldest 11/750 shipped with a pair of RK07s - back in the day, you
could put an OS on one, user data on the other.
> Anybody know if DEC ever made a Qbus RK06/7 controller?

Not that I ever heard of, but for 18-bit Qbus machines, you could
probably get away with a Qniverter. Dunno about 22-bit systems.
Probably have to roll your own driver, or at least ensure that
the disk buffers were in the low 256K.


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