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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Sep 4 10:32:20 2001

--- Jerome Fine <> wrote:
> Do you mean the TU-58? I am looking for one!!

The TU-58 is also known as "DECtape-II". The original poster was
referring to TU-55/TU-56 DECtape. Like the TU-58, they are a block-
addressable magtape, but they are open reel, not cassette.

> I have one that does not work and I want to replace the bad part.

Electrical or mechanical?

> The rollers are OK.

That'll change. I've had to replace every roller I have. 30cm of
that tygon tubing Allison recommended is pretty cheap.

> This is the external TU-58 with two drives in a black box. Does anyone
> have one?

Not me. I've never had the proper table-top unit. I have a TU-58 in each
11/750, a dual unit in the 11/730, a VT-103, and I have a homemade "table-
top" unit that was from an 11/725 that my employer stripped for parts back
when it was cheaper to buy an 11/725 to keep our 11/730 running that it was
to pay DEC maintenance; that plus a couple of drive mechanisms in a pair of
old HP serial line analyzers. (The 11/725 was completely stripped about
10 years ago, and the innards replaced with a 68000 analyzer from Northwest
Instruments for portability around the shop).

I've been using the homeless unit to read in ancient DEC software
distributions. It's in a long steel box (from the VAX); I made a power
cable for so I can run it off the PeeCee power supply. Just this weekend,
I found another cache of tapes - 11/750 diags and more VMS 3.x upgrade


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