Keep or assemble???

From: Rob Kapteyn <>
Date: Tue Sep 4 15:12:10 2001

Without question, I would keep it as an unbuilt kit.
For one, it is much more of a rarity that way.

Second, the unassembled parts can more easily be copied for new "reproduction" kits.
I believe that someone is now selling IMSAI reproduction kits.

Just my opinion,

I retrieved much of my Altair stuff from my parents attic yesterday.
I did not see the VDM-1 manual, but I will look again.

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Hello, all:

        I'm wondering, without creating flame bait, the pros and cons of
keeping a computer kit versus assembling it?
        I have an unbuilt Sinclair ZX81 kit that I'm toying with assembling.
I also have a TV Typewriter-6 kit. I bought the TVT6 for my KIM-1 and the
ZX81 I got in a trade.



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