VAX 4000 Power Cord (BA440)

From: Jan Koller <>
Date: Tue Sep 4 16:43:54 2001

Hello Eric,

> I remember a couple of months ago there was discussion on
> the proper cable for a BA440 power supply (normal North
> American three prong power cord but with a notch where it
> plugs in to the power supply). Was there a consensus on
> the designation (and any place in the US that sell them)?

>From the sound of this, it might be like the power cords needed
for our DEC Alpha AXP 3000 -500 and -800 They also needed
a standard ISO computer power cord BUT with a notch or groove
in it, that isn't in the standard ISO computer power cord, for the
connection in the back of the machine. Luckily though, with the Alphas,
underneath in front of the machine, where the power came from the back
of the machine to where it actually plugs into the power supply, a
non-notched cord could be plugged in. Then eventually we finally came
up with one of the notched cords. But, before you ask, we can't spare
one and only.
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