Keep or assemble???

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 4 19:35:45 2001

Tony's right in what he says, but if you have an unassembled kit with the
packaging in good-to-excellent condition, you can use the included documentation
(they included documentation back in those days) to replicate the item in
question, package the replica however it suits you to do so, and then sell the
item on eBay, where you'll get enough for it to allow you to take a nice
vacation, buy a car (not a BMW) or some such.

It's YOUR stuff and what other think isn't as important as what YOU want do do
with it. If you want to make points with others, sell it and give away the


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> > Hello, all:
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> > I'm wondering, without creating flame bait, the pros and cons of
> > keeping a computer kit versus assembling it?
> >
> > I have an unbuilt Sinclair ZX81 kit that I'm toying with assembling.
> > I also have a TV Typewriter-6 kit. I bought the TVT6 for my KIM-1 and the
> > ZX81 I got in a trade.
> >
> > Thoughts?
> My views are, as ever, the opposite to the ones I've already seen here.
> To me, the answer is obvious. Build it. An unassembled computer kit is a
> box of chip. An assembled computer kit is a machine that can be
> interesting to use, to hack, etc. I don't collect boxes of chips. And I
> certainly have no interest in how the kits were packaged about 20 years
> ago.
> No, I'd enjoy building the kit (soldering up PCBs is restful for me), and
> I'd enjoy using it.
> -tony
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