Atari find

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Wed Sep 5 07:28:37 2001

Hi Charles,

   If its coming up black screen it could be several things. Green
screen would mean bad memory or a bad PIA chip (Parallel Interface Adapter),
black could mean the Antic and/or GTIA chips are dead which is a tough one
to see happening as they are fairly resiliant little chips.

   Most likely its a semiconductor someplace on the system which is gone
bad. If your not up to poking around at all the major components, there
is still an active service center in the US called B&C Atari Sales & Service


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> At the last TRW swapmeet in So. Cal, I picked up a couple of Atari XE130's
for $5 each.
> The
> seller said he had pulled them out of a school computer lab. No power
supplies, but a
> quick
> trip to Ebay fixed that...
> So I connect one of them to my TV, and flip on the power switch. The
console LED turned
> on,
> and the TV screen went black. That's it. Uh-oh...
> Well, we have another one to try. So I connect it, and it boots into Atari
Basic. Much
> better.
> I did a quick hello-world type basic program. Welcome to the world of
> So, is the other one fixable?
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