Keep or assemble???

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Wed Sep 5 23:13:26 2001

> From: Adrian Vickers <>

> No, a pair of ZX81 kits went through recently (although a search no
> shows them, irritatingly) for daft money. OTOH, when a built one can
> ?200+.... I suspect that was just a mad bidder moment however.

Hmm. I guess this means I'm rich ;>) I have a ton of this stuff here, and
have not been watching Ebay enough.

> I wonder if Zebra do a bulk discount; it strikes me that one could buy a
> load, then sell them in the UK for easy money...

Someone already bought a bunch and brought them into the UK but by the time
he paid the freight and customs he had to sell the kits for UKP 90. I'm
not sure how he made out on the deal . . . also, the ZX81/Spectrum crowd in
the UK would never pay this sort of money. Check comp.sys.sinclair.

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