Self Same computers (was HP & Compaq)

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Thu Sep 6 13:48:28 2001

> As for brand names, I think they will come more and more to mean
> _everything_. After all it has happened with cars it will happen

Did you mean: _nothing_, not _everything_?
Your arguments argued in favor of *nothing*, after all!

> No doubt the auto industry had a very similar time of it and
> today cars are largely identical except for things like body
> styling and number of cup holders. So what used to be special
> and unique, is now common and mundane.

I.e., the brand name doesn't mean anything ("common, mundane"
and not longer "unique").

In that case, I agree...brand names in computers have come to mean
nothing, well ... perhaps less than that: there are a few that have
become negative. I.e., I won't buy an HP PC ... they're too
idiosynractic. I'd much rather buy a generic PC, where I can
get the information about the motherboard, chipset, etc., and don't
have to fight software that's got oddball spyware pre-installed for me,
or that requires a software key from HP to reinstall.

Stan Sieler
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