Update on IIgs Computers

From: Rich Beaudry <r_beaudry_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 6 15:09:31 2001

To all who responded to my inquiry on IIgs computers,

My apologies for the delay on this. I was delayed in getting the stuff, and
put the last in my loft at 11:00pm last night!

The quantity was certainly smaller than I was led to believe... One school
had already dumped some stuff...

Totals are as follows:

IIgs CPUs: 25
3.5" floppies: 20+
5.25" floppies: 20+
IIgs keyboards/cables: 20+
IIgs Monitors: 12 (there are more left ... see below...)
Imagewriter II w/ cable: 5
Macintosh LCII w/ monitor/keyboard/mouse: 2
IIgs mice: ???? (I didn't get an exact count, and I'm afraid I will be short
quite a few)
IIc CPUs w/ power supply: 2

The only things left at the school are monitors. I have them on hold, so
they won't be dumped, but there are at least 12 more IIgs monitors, and 2
IIc color composite monitors. I didn't know how many people were interested
in the monitors, however, because of shipping costs.

I will begin testing, but I don't expect to get done before the end of the
weekend (I do have a life! :-P). I will let you know further what exactly
is in each IIgs, any cards, ROM versions, etc. at that time. I will also
have exact counts on how many "complete" systems I can build.

There was one near-mint Woz w/ a memory card, but I'm keeping that one :-)

Since I am keeping a IIgs, and also one of the LC IIs (there were three, but
I deducted my keeper from the list above), I am looking for a set of working
IIgs System Software (6.0.1, I think? Or maybe 6.1??) diskettes, and a set
of working MacOS System 7.5 diskettes. We can work a deal if you would
like, and the diskettes do NOT have to be originals (no legal issues, as
Apple has these for download.... I'm not an Apple expert, however, so I'd
rather get already-working disk sets...)

Unless you have diskettes for me, please do NOT reply to this message. I
will post again when I have completed testing all of the hardware. At that
time, I will ask for who is interested in what, and where we go from

Also, apologies for mentioning the LC II ... OT until next year, I think :-)


Rich B.
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