Self Same computers

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Sep 6 18:24:23 2001

>So what I predict, is that in the near future (probably 1 to 2 but
>certainly less than 5 years) you will only see "computers" sold as
>either big-bad-ass servers, or small embeddedable controllers. The
>middle ground, the so called "Personal Computer" will cease to exist
>as a general purpose machine. And only the programmers will notice.

        Then, as you said in your previous message, it is important
that we are preserving the much more flexible machines to be able to
show what could be done with them and how many more choices they
represented. There will always have to be some sort of general
purpose machine though at some level so that the applications and
such for the embedded machines can be produced.

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