IEEE-488 interface and Commodore Pet

From: Louis Schulman <>
Date: Thu Sep 6 21:26:27 2001

Someone across the lake sent a post the other day about a Brain Boxes PC Elite IEEE-488 card and its
supposed ability to transfer files to and from a Commodore Pet drive.

This seems possible, and the software does exist. Has anyone ever transferred files to and/or from a Pet
floppy drive using the GPIB interface?

If it works, does anyone have an ISA or PCI IEEE-488 card they would like to part with? (I have one for the
Apple II, and would trade). I don't know if the Brain Box supplied software only works with their card or any
card. If the former, any of you British chaps want to part with such a card (these cards seem not to be
available in the colonies)?

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