symphony for dot matrix printers

From: Jim Tuck <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 00:46:40 2001

On Friday, September 07, 2001 7:04 PM, Jeff Hellige
[] wrote:
> saving stuff from the slave machines. It worked pretty well though.
> Anyone know just what additional stuff was needed to do it?
> Jeff
I played with one of these early on.

To load and save files from the slaves? There was just a little
third-party bit of 'repeater'
software that tried to emulate a CLOAD. Couldn't do anything other than
save, tho.

The hardware itself was just a pair of RC pairs and a single transistor
amp. Think there
was some TTL glue, but I can't see it as being terribly important.

D'ya know if they ever fixed the mid-bitstream problem that was common
early with the
Trash and later with the Atari and their MPI over cassette interface? I
had one of the
Atari setups, nice so long as you were only using it like a multi-cable
PtP setup.

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