symphony for dot matrix printers

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 10:33:13 2001

> >From what I've been told, the system was designed by Tony Pepin. This is
> >kind of neat for me since at one time I owned (and may still, I'm not sure
> >*grin*) a Model I that had his name, address and phone # engraved on the
> >case. (I also owned a Model I that at one time was the personal machine
> >of the editor of 80 US Micro - that was pretty cool too. *laughs*)
> That's's always neat to know any specific history
> of a machine like that. One of my Model 2000's was gotten from Roy
> Soltoff of Misosys. He had bought it to get into software
> development for the 2000 but then ended up never using it when the
> market never materialized.

Indeed. I am fortunate to have the Dennis Bathory-Kitsz's personal
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