Are office people really that, umm shall we say...slow?

From: Matt London <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 10:47:41 2001


Now I'm sure this *has* to be off topic, so I'll try and make it short and

> >Remember this is socket 7, I can't use a Duron or P3 in this
> >motherboard.

Ohhh - familiar. I had a K6-200 die the other day (fan siezed up and
processor fried) along with some data loss on the hard disk including
the partition table. My answer was to say "This box was due for an upgrade
within 18 months anyway. I recommend we replace mobo, case, and hard
disk" (it already had 256M of PC133 due to an earlier upgrade).

> >Plus, this confuses me, why do all the vendors stock the AMD K6II? AMD
> >made a K6-3 that was supposed to be better becasue it's cache ran at
> >full speed, unike the K6-2.
> often has a cheap deal on K6-3 processors, just make sure
> your bios supports the chip (its from a laptop, but common)

I always saw more K6-2's on the shelves than K6-3's. I suspect AMD never
really made many K6-3's, as the athlon followed not that long after. Where
are there were already a lot of K6-2's floating about on the market.

All this modern stuff spoils people. I remember when it was a novelty to
have a battery backed clock in your XT!

-- Matt

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