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From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 11:39:13 2001

From: Jim Tuck <>
>D'ya know if they ever fixed the mid-bitstream problem that was common
>early with the
>Trash and later with the Atari and their MPI over cassette interface? I
>had one of the
>Atari setups, nice so long as you were only using it like a multi-cable
>PtP setup.

Yes. One fix for the cload TRS80 problem was an internal counter based
oneshot that would clear the RS flop at the ttl end of the CLOAD read
The interface depended on the transistion detector being reset by
and sometimes that didnt happen and it would get lost.

The other problem was if you were doing back to back (cpu to cpu) CLOAD
CSAVE the clock on one could be way off and after a minute or so of
data transfer the recieving system would get behind.

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