APL (was Re: recent acquisitions for the House of VAX)

From: Gordon C. Zaft <zaft_at_azstarnet.com>
Date: Sat Sep 8 18:16:53 2001

         One of the sad things about this is that somewhat 'obscure'
languages like APL, PL/1, even LISP are not being transmitted to new
generations of programmers.

         Myself, I would dearly love to have all the languages available
for my VAX, including APL, LISP, and (yes) Snobol. (I'm not sure DEC ever
did a Snobol for VMS, though, I think it just ran on TOPS-10).

At 09:18 AM 9/8/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>At 10:41 AM 9/8/01 -0500, Eric wrote:
>>I asked about PL/I not being included in the Hobbyist licensing program and
>>was told that was because Compaq no longer owns PL/I. I guess APL isn't in
>>the Hobbyist license set as that hasn't been a deliverable for a long time.
>>Does anyone know when it was last included in the ConDist sets? If so I
>>can look for it. I have several year's worth of ConDist CDs but have lost
>>the paperwork that listed the included products.
>The first disk of every ConDist has the all paperwork on it as postscript
>and text files. You can print it out again if you lose it :-) I believe
>the '94 and '96 ConDists both have APL on them.

Gordon Zaft
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