recent acquisitions for the House of VAX

From: John Allain <>
Date: Sun Sep 9 00:17:04 2001

>No, I _know_ the Hobbyist program will go away.

Some questions from me.
The Hobbyist program is from Encompass, is that a wholly owned
   subsidiary of Compaq? I thought the Encompass thing meant it
   was already outsourced.
When an Encompass liscence is called up are there any limits to it
   (Time, Features)? I already heard what was said about marginal
   compilers not being present, a checkmark for that one.
A word or two on what a PAK and a Condist are for the newbies
  would be nice. (I guess I thought a PAK was a liscence; so then
  are you saying liscences aren't lifetime?)

John A.
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