ancient laserjets, Memory expansion boards

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sun Sep 9 15:13:27 2001

Upon the date 04:12 PM 8/15/01 -0700, Mike Ford said something like:
>Generally either Printerworks or fixmyownprinter (something like that) has
>all the info you need plus the parts etc. I even have a pretty good stash
>of parts from some of the service depot auctions I have attended. I do tend
>to packrat manuals too, so ask me and I will look, but mostly its the user
>I have a BUNCH of brand new memory expansion boards for a VARIETY of
>different old laser printers (nothing very new). Brother, Olivetti, etc.
>plus HP II, IId, etc. As soon as I get them organized they are going on
>eBay. If you have an old printer you want a memory expansion board for ask
>me NOW, as in many cases I have ONE only of certain odd printers. $10 and
>shipping for a bare board (put your own old DRAM chips in it).

I have an Epson Action Laser II which needs a good photoconductor unit
assembly. I see from the online
manuals the part number is S051005. Would you have something like that Mike?

Also, have you found or know of the correct URL for the "fixmyownprinter"
site you suggested above? Printerworks just has Canon-engined stuff and was
no help.

Thanks much!

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