Free PDP 11/34 complete setup - Littlerock, CA

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Sun Sep 9 19:11:46 2001

Surely someone in CA can help rescue this system. Info below (I got
this _at_ my address). Please email Kristina directly.

pdp11/34 with rsts/e software up for grabs

I have a pdp11/34 with rsts/e software up for grabs. It was my fathers, Bill
Ramsey, and it needs a good home since he passed away. There are
modems,books, software, tape decks, peripherial equiptment (monitors and
computers) and spare PCB's. Just give us a call at 661-944-9550 or email us
back at We are located in Littlerock,CA. Thank you for
your time.
Kristina Roberts

Hello Bill, the PDP11 and associated components roughly occupies the
equivilant of 3 refrigerators. There is the main unit, about 8ft tall and
width of a filing cabinet, the isolation transformers, the same width and 5ft
tall, and then a dozen or so boxes of software, spare boards and literature,
as well as a printer and the monitor, plus 2 remote processors. You may be
able to get it all into a pickup truck with a large capacity bed. We live in
Southern california 60 miles NE of L.A.
regards Charles and Kristina Roberts.

Bill Bradford
Austin, TX
Received on Sun Sep 09 2001 - 19:11:46 BST

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