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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Sep 9 23:57:21 2001

>I have been pursuuing the OpenVMS license and media for
>about 6 months with no success.
>I have an AlphaStation 200/233 that I would like to install
>OpenVMS to.
>Do you have any ideas on how I get a copy through legal
>or hobbiest channels?

As long as you've got an Encompass membership you should be able to get the
licenses without any trouble. As for the Media, you're probably ahead to
just get it off of eBay. It will cost a little (to a lot) more than the
Hobbyist CD from Montagar, but you can get a ConDist with all the layered

The other solution would be to call up Compaq and buy the licenses and
media, but that would be a few thousand by the time you got done.

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