Vector 3/Teledisk

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 00:34:02 2001

I'm quite certain someone with enough interest to do this can do it in a few of
days' concentrated effort, provided he's up to speed on the controller I
mentioned. The reason is that the controller is flash programmable in-situ, can
drive the FDD cable directly, and has 10x the necessary speed.

The software on the PC is probably not different from what's used with the
CatWeasel, and, in fact, the CatWeasel should be capable as well. Most guys
would rather curse the darkness than light one candle, however. I personally
don't have any interest in seeing this done at all, since I disposed of my last
Vector in '84, and seldom see hard-sectored diskettes.

With a 52-pin IC that does most of the work, that means hooking up the 52 pins
to a 30-pin 256Kx9 SIMM, a 4-pin oscillator, and the 8-bit ISA bus (<62 pins),
which is not a hell of a lot of work. A guy who likes high-level programming
would be able to do the bulk of the work, while the low-level sampling-control
is not a challenging task.

While this doesn't offer me anything I want today, someone's obviously looking
for a way to do it.

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> "one way WOULD BE"
> "could"
> "might work"
> etc.
> Once you DO it, let us know.
> Until then, there is ONE simple, inexpensive, way to read the Vecto
> hard-sectored diskettes:
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