HP 3000 (Micro 3000) free in New Jersey

From: Stan Sieler <sieler_at_allegro.com>
Date: Mon Sep 10 12:39:01 2001


Is anyone is interested in a free,
working Micro 3000 XE (desktop size Classic
HP 3000), complete with disks, tape drive
... and is willing to pick it up (or pay to have it picked up),
please contact me soon.

Disk drives: HP 7958, and HP 7936.
Tape drive: HP 35401 (9144 cartridge tape auto changer)
MPE Version is V-Delta 5.

It's in Lebanon, New Jersey, off of Route 78.



(cc: Gunther, who knows someone driving to New Jersey soon :)

Stan Sieler sieler_at_allegro.com
www.allegro.com/sieler/wanted/index.html www.allegro.com/sieler
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