VAX 11/780 documentation requested

From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 13:40:18 2001

Hey guys, (and gals)

Help! : )

I'm trying to find documentation to help get my 11/780 fully operational.

The PDP-11/03 starts the internal self-test, but fails right before
actually reading the 8" floppy.

There was a diagnostic guide on E-Bay that I really wanted, and bid a
pretty decent amount on, but it seems someone else needed that document
more than I did. Oh well......

If anyone has spare or unused documentation for the VAX 11/780, please let
me know. This is needed to get my 780 back to operation. If you want links
to a site showing my 780 for proof that I indeed have one, let me know. I
realize that some don't want to give up stuff to those who will just turn
around and E-Bay it.

         - Matthew Sell

Matthew Sell
On Time Support, Inc.
(281) 296-6066

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