Scanning (was Re: recent acquisitions for the House of VAX

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 16:17:22 2001

This topic has gone over the list a few times, from experience, the "best"
scans are 600 DPI black and white compressed into PDF files. This achieves
exactly what is needed, get the data without a lot of excess. The KA655 TM
that is on the DFWCUG site appears from the PDF to be 100 DPI/8 bit (note
that's 800 bits per inch net and the result is harder to read) I'll add
scanning this manual to my list. They don't appear to have come up with a
'standard' for their scans. That would help too.


At 01:01 PM 9/10/01, you wrote:
> > However, someone decided to scan some of the manuals as low
> > resolution 8 bit grey scale (what a waste of someone's scanning time!)
>Do you mean low or high resolution? There's no need for 48 or even 16
>bit for anything not continuous tone. I got three manuals from DFWCUG
>and am very happy with the quality. Perhaps they could look into more
>efficient compression, though.
>John A.
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