Vector 3/Teledisk

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Date: Mon Sep 10 18:03:21 2001

Doing it for N* and any other IE: multiple hard sector formats would be a
as the structure of the data differed greatly and also the timing. Also
most of the
hard sector controllers were uniquely dumb. By that I mean they depended
on the
CPU (even the lowly 8080) to do a great amount of the work. for example
the head in or out was usually done by setting a direction bit and timing
out a step
pulse(s) as needed. Sector read and write were assisted at the byte
level with a
usually simple FM/MFM/M2FM encode decode and a shift register plus a
sync recognizer. Of course all of them went about it differently with

Me I'd do a ISA to S100 adaptor and write code... ah foo it's easier to
use a
real ns* and far more productive.


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>FWIW, I did once correspond with the Catweasel guy and he said it would
>do N* 10-hole hard-sectored disks, but he had never had a request or
>seen a N* disk. I was supposed to send him some samples but never got a
>round tuit.
>And don't forget, it has already been done - the Microsolutions
>MatchPoint card allows your PC to read N* disks. Of course, just try to
>find one!
>If it provides motivation for one of you hardware types with nothing
>better to do, I'd lend my support to requesting an add-in card which
>could handle the 10 and 16 hole 5.25" disks and the 32 hole 8 inchers as
>well (I have a lot of ProcTech Helios disks).
>Bob Stek
>Saver of Lost Sols
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