Pin compatibility of 2716, 8316, 9218

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 18:39:00 2001

 From the classiccomp archives :)

AMD used 91xx for RAM, 92xx for mask ROM (with a couple of exceptions),
and >97xx for EPROM. AM9217 is an NMOS 2048 x 8-bit ROM; A is the
speed >(550ns), P means 24-pin plastic, C means commercial temperature
range (0-70 >Celcius). Pinout is the same as an 8316, 2716 compatible, but
the chip >selects on pins 18,20,21 can be specified either active-high or
active-low. > The AM9217 was superceded in the late 70's by the AM9218.

does that help?

At 11:26 PM 9/10/01 +0100, you wrote:
>I'm looking at dumping the ROMs from a VT100 board, but I'm having
>trouble finding pinouts of the ROMs.
>The VT100 FMPS says that locations E40, E45, E52 and E56 on the basic
>board are 8316E 2Kx8 ROMs. However, the schematics don't show the
>designations for all 24 pins. The online Chip Directory doesn't contain
>the pinout for the 8316 either.
>My PROM Programmer will handle 2716 EPROMs, which the Chip Dir. does
>contain a pinout for, and looks compatible with the 8316. I'd be tempted
>to try dumping one of them, were it not for the fact that E45 on my
>board is actually labelled "AM9218CPC", the pinout for which is also
>absent from the Chip Dir.
>Could anyone please tell me definitively whether the 8316, 9218 and 2716
>are pin-compatible?
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