Pin compatibility of 2716, 8316, 9218

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 01:17:14 2001

Pete Turnbull wrote:
> On Sep 10, 23:26, Paul Williams wrote:
> > I'm looking at dumping the ROMs from a VT100 board, but I'm having
> > trouble finding pinouts of the ROMs.
> >
> > Could anyone please tell me definitively whether the 8316, 9218
> > and 2716 are pin-compatible?
> Nearly, providing you're referring to the 5-volt-only 2716. The
> polarity of the chip selects is mask-programmable on the 8316. I
> don't know which way DEC used for the VT100, but the way they
> usually did it was CS1 and CS2 (pins 18 and 20) active-low with
> CS3 active high

That's interesting, I hadn't realised it was selectable. I'll check the
polarity on the FMPS.

> So if you are reading DEC 8316's on a programmer, set it for 2716,
> and if it reads as if empty, bend out pin 21 and ground it.

Thanks, although that would be redundant, after your next statement...

> I'd be interested to know which VT100 ROMs you have
> The standard VT100 ROMs are 031 (or 061), 032, 033, and 034, but
> there are lots of variants.

061, 032, 033, 034, exactly as the FMPS says.

> I have images (and original ROMs) of 061, 032, 033, 034 but I'd
> like to get any others to add to the archive.

They're not online, Pete! I would like a copy of those, please, because
there is a guy on comp.sys.dec who is planning a VT100 front-end to Bob
Supnik's SIMH (thread called "Need VT100 Expert"). I would also like a
copy of the chargen ROM, 23018E2-00, if you've got it.

Would you like a copy of the VT320 ROM? I've got that handy.
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