World Trade crash...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 09:39:15 2001

AND ... in addition to the destruction of the two towers of the WTC in New York,
and the one wing of the Pentagon, there was a car bomb set off outside the State
Department bldg.

What really scares me is that no matter what knee-jerk comes out of the
Washington hierarchy, it will most surely be wrong. The intelligence community
was entirely in the dark, AND there was a claim of responsibility form the
"Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine" on the radio somewhere in the
middle-east. That's possibly a red-herring and really doesn't mean anything.

Now the entire country is grounded ... which is pretty much what the terrorists
wanted ...

Of course there will have to be some sort of token retribution, but against
whom? If it's against the Islamic community throughout the world, it will
benefit the Israelis. No matter what they do, it can't be anything but wrong.
Forget the notion of our rocket-scientist intelligence community really finding
out who did what.


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> I take it you all heard about the two 737s (?) hitting the world trade
> buildings...
> one was possibly a hijacked airliner... each hit a seperate tower, I
> believe...
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