World Trade crash...

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 10:26:17 2001

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> AND ... in addition to the destruction of the two towers of the WTC in New York,
> and the one wing of the Pentagon, there was a car bomb set off outside the State
> Department bldg.

ABC is aying that the State dept car bomb is false.

> What really scares me is that no matter what knee-jerk comes out of the
> Washington hierarchy, it will most surely be wrong. The intelligence community
> was entirely in the dark, AND there was a claim of responsibility form the
> "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine" on the radio somewhere in the
> middle-east. That's possibly a red-herring and really doesn't mean anything.

Lots of people usually claim that they did , the most recent terroist
act. Thats nothing new.

> Now the entire country is grounded ... which is pretty much what the terrorists
> wanted ...
> Of course there will have to be some sort of token retribution, but against
> whom?

Just sit tight Dick, they'll figure it out.

> If it's against the Islamic community throughout the world, it will
> benefit the Israelis.

Wow, just watching a streat level reply of the towers collapsing.
People running, lots of thick dust.

Anyway, what do the Israelis have to do with it? I don't think anybody
is looking at gaining something from this, besides the terroists.

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