World Trade crash...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 12:11:26 2001

When this matter first came to light, I was under the impression that the 'D.C.
crash and the N.Y. crash(es) were unrelated, hence my remark that "they could
have gotten closer" than they did. However, it seems that the two were not
separate incidents, and that they got quite close enough in D.C. I certainly
have no regrets that they didn't do more damage, as my remark might have
suggested to some.

There are over 50K people who work in the WTC and adjacent buildings or live
there. Based on the time of day at which this event occurred, there was
undoubtedly enormous loss of life. Apparently as the, up to that point, largely
intact portion of the WTC began to give way, numerous people chose to jump to
their deaths through the broken windows rather than being buried alive in the
rubble of the collapsing structure. It's deserves a moment's contemplation to
consider what was in the minds of those people as it became evident that their
lives were ending.

>From what I heard from the tube, there are over 12K people who work in the
Pentagon, and there was considerable damage and loss of life. Information is
not so forthcoming about that, however.

I suspect that this event will lead to considerable change in the U.S. policy
toward rogue nations and those considered to be sponsors of world terrorism. I
also expect that the U.S. Gov will amend its policy toward states that shelter
terrorist organizations and that harbor known terrorists, irrsepective of their
cultural/religious association with those nations.

It's my sincere hope that the GOV will not be too quick to choose a scapegoat or
to measure its response to what it learns or thinks it learns. Even if they
destroy every evidence of life from Afghanistan to Libya, it won't restore those
buildings, nor will it restore the lives lost or destroyed by this event. The
GOV has already released statements that they will "hunt down and punish" those
responsible. I hope this doesn't foretell a bunch of senseless misdirected


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> > Of course the intelligence community is busy evacuating their buildings so
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> You do know that they have a second HQ hidden in a mountain somewhere...

yea, my brother said mount weather's going to get used now...
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