World Trade crash...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 12:15:20 2001

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Richard Erlacher wrote:
> The networks are issuing conflicting reports about that, but it's clear it
> wasn't a helipad on a nearby building. The Pentagon is apparently
> damaged and there's been considerable loss of life. Of course that's
nothing as
> compared with the WTC disaster, now that both towers have collapsed.

Doesn't the pentagon hold many many people as well?

> The heart of Washington D.C. OTOH is apparently being (relatively) quitely
> evacuated. I don't know how the key government agencies can function if
> not going to work, however. They've shut down the CIA, the NSA, and other
> security-related agencies. You (Jeff) can probably provide more detail,
> you're there.

I'm sure the core parts of the agencies are working very hard right
now. They'll be in the field and in other lesser known offices. If
another plane hit the main offices of our security agencies, with our
people inside, then we would be in a lot more trouble. It's better to
have them in other places.

> I note that Dubya is on the tube. I wonder where they set him down. He
was in
> the air when this happened. Likewise, Colin Powell apparently turned
> from his trip to Columbia, or wherever he was going.

I haven't seen him yet. I did just see Arafat. He looked shocked,
althoughm he might be a good actor too? Don't know, just speculating.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

my brother says AF1 came in andrews AFB with fighter escort and it's locked
up there better than alcratraz. Im sure there's plenty going on in DC as
theres lots of information that doesnt get fed to the general populace.
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