Word from lower Manhattan (was: RE: Sridhar?)

From: Chris Kennedy <chris_at_mainecoon.com>
Date: Tue Sep 11 12:41:34 2001

Sellam wrote:

> I realize it's probably impossible to get any sort of communications in or
> out of that part of the city right now.

I have staff at 40 Broad, two doors down from the NYSE and about four
blocks from Liberty Plaza/World trade. One of them just checked in.
As he put it, when the second aircraft hit it started raining down
concrete on Broad Street. He took everyone down the stairs to the
lobby, looked outside and decided that they had to get the hell out
of dodge. Down broad to the river, then up the side of FDR heading uptown
until they were clear of the dust.

It appears I lost a staff member today; he was visiting Cantor on the
103rd floor of the WTC. Just got married. No word yet from friends
who work across the street from the WTC.

I gotta go fire up the disaster recovery plans, after which I'm
planning on re-evaluating some of my priorities in life.

Chris Kennedy
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