World Trade crash...

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 13:39:13 2001

I have been off list for a while, making calls etc., due
to the early notice about this. (Thanks David W.)

Sure it's off topic but it does touch the lives of all Americans.

I'm just 40 miles or so from the incident. FYI I use broadcast
(antenna) to get my TV. The entire VHF spectrum, except one,
was out. NBC, Fox, ABC, UPN, WB, PBS... all out. Only CBS
was apparently off the WTC tower. Cellphones all out too.
It's reported that towers had a capacity of 50,000 workers and
200,000 <em>daily visitors. I'm praying for the final numbers to
go "improbably" low.

I heard the president say "God Bless" a while ago, I'm thankful
for that. I hope we (The USA and World) can all keep a level
head through this. While my fear is that religious fundamentalism
has been used to seperate warfare from nationalism (making a
formal declaration of war difficult), my hope is all religious people
everywhere love peace, or will learn to want peace, and we can
all get there together.

A hope is that the World will unite against terrorism with us.
An example like the Nurenburg trials comes to mind. Strong
justice carefully considered, then delivered.

John A. in NY
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