World Trade crash...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 14:48:11 2001

All the political correctness that's developed over the past half century has
let this country to a footing on which it's profitable (monetarily) to be
separate from rather than integrated into the society. Consequently, it's easy
to put people in categories. That doesn't mean that ALL middle easterners are
terrorists, that all Germans are anti-semitic, or that all Japanese are

Putting them into internment camps might make a great deal more sense today than
it did back 60 years ago, since they've maintained a separate cultural identity
and maintained ties to other nations and national interests. If we're going to
do that, however, we need to do it with ALL groups that struggle to maintain
separate cultural identity, language, etc. That hardly seems productive. That
would put over 25% of our population effectively on welfare.


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> > Yuck,
> > I am already seeing mild racism from people that I run into on the
> > street, aimed towards people of middle eastern descent (hey look! theres a
> > terrorist, etc.), this is a tradgedy, and I am not looking forward to how
> > this country reacts.
> > Zach
> If we go to a _real_ war footing, don't be surprised if internment camps
> make a comeback.
> g.
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