OT: World Trade crash updates...

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Tue Sep 11 15:51:58 2001

I worked the MGM Grand fire way back when from Nellis AFB and saw lots of
burned and dead bodies and that irritated me a little that it could happen
but this total act on so many people of different walks of life, different
ages, different nationalites, etc jusy pissed me off. As someone else noted
I doubt this is a small group of idiots like McVay in OkC. I have the
impression that the 4th plane in PA is one that something unplanned went
wrong on and it didn't hit it's intended target. We though the Kamikazes
were bad in WWII but they went after other military targets that were
engaged in combat, not totally innocent people without a clue. Should they
decide to activate me back to active duty I will gladly go until I'm no
longer needed.

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-> > Can I please use "foul" language now?
-> >
-> > This is FUCKING terrible.
-> I doubt language can express what I feel. Watching the towers
-> collapse has
-> left me in tears, speechless, and a great sense of both futility and
-> foreboding.
-> > First of all, I hope everyone we all know is OK. It is an
-> inevitability
-> > that each and every one of us will be affected by this in some
-> way, either
-> > through someone we know directly or a friend of a friend...
-> Can't agree more.
-> > All I have to say is that this country has finally done itself in with
-> > it's arrogance.
-> >
-> > I fear this will plunge the world into war.
-> My greatest fear - I couldn't watch the TV coverage by myself so went off
-> to my parents and drank large amounts - didn't help much.
-> > This is all I will have to say about this.
-> This is my first post to the list for a while.
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