OT: World Trade crash...

From: Mike Drew <mldrew_at_drewtech.com>
Date: Tue Sep 11 17:59:44 2001

> -> >Yes. A friend of mine watched while the south tower collapsed.
> -> His wife
> -> >was on the 14th floor. If it was up to me, every country even suspected
> -> >of harboring terrorists would be a glowing cinder.
> -> <snip>
> -> >Fucking cowards.
> ->
> -> Man, I hope that the people responsible are ready to receive
> -> what they've unleashed.....it's going to get ugly...
> ->

I hope that we have the will to do something more than a long drawn out
investigation leading to the arrest of a handful of people.

This has the middle east written all over it...

We need to find out who is most likely resonsible and then
get have the President ask the Congress to declare war!

Let those that claim to be innocent sue for peace!

I hope that twe nuke then back to the stone age....
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