You be it's OT: World Trade crash updates...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 19:21:37 2001

Now just a minute, there, mister!

I remember the hue and cry at the outset of the Gulf War when the nation's
military was represented on the air for the better part of a week whining that
they hadn't signed up to go somplace overseas to get shot-at, but only to be
able to retire in luxury (at least above poverty-level) after only 20 years of
doing very little useful work. That's what attracts the sorts that keep society
from viewing the military as an honorable profession. (The current pres'
brother Neil Bush went on trial on 1/15/91, the day the "Desert Shield"
operation started, BTW, and that was probably no coincidence.)

My own experience in the military, where I spent several years certainly taught
me that few groups could be singled out as having fewer grey-cells per capita
than the military, though there were certainly SOME people in it who weren't
total nit-wits. The only group I've ever seen collected that has exhibited less
intellectual horsepower than what I observed in the military is what's gathered
in Washington D.C, and particularly in the White House during the current

The previous chief exec certainly was no beacon of honorability, but was
certainly smarter than what's in power now. At least he spoke English well
enough so you could understand what he'd said. His English is barely better
than his Spanish, and that isn't too good!

I'm ashamed to admit that I once made it a blanket policy to vote for
Republicans, at least for state and local offices. Though I haven't voted for a
Republican chief since the disappointing results I got from Tricky Dicky, the
past election was the first one in which I actually voted for a Democrat ... ANY
democrat. That was a vote against George II and largely because it's
embarassing to have the pres of Mexico speak better English than our Pres. I
admit that back when Carter, Sadat, and Arafat were on the tube, it wasn't our
chief who spoke the most elegant English either, though at least he could put
together a coherent subject and predicate. Now that he writes some of his own
stuff it's improved greatly.

The reason the military is weak is not because it has too little in resources,
but because it's too corrupt, but not only from the top down, which is
dishonest, for sure, but from the bottom up as well. That's because the entire
premise of "sit around for 20 years, keep your head down, and retire ..." is
corrupt. It wasn't always like that, but somewhere, between the 60's and the
mid-70's ... Throwing more money at that mess won't fix a thing, and that's all
those yokels in 'D.C. know how to do.


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> I actually would say that Uncle (horndog) Billie and his sidekick Algore
> screwed up our defense system so badly that much of the systems we used to
> have that could have possibly detected this (if it could have been at all)
> and the loyalty to the US military weere gone and today, along with the
> swift and intelligent actions of our new CIC, will serve to bring the
> military back to some sense of loyalty and intelligence. Much of the reason
> I opted for nearly a year early retirement was the state of the military and
> our CIC at the time (95).
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> -> Sellam Ismail wrote:
> -> > All I have to say is that this country has finally done itself in with
> -> > it's arrogance.
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> -> I disagree. Any terrorist acts are the responsibility of the
> -> terrorists. Even if someone doesn't like what the US does or is, it is
> -> still there decision to do acts of terrorism. It is not our fault for
> -> making people do acts of terrorism.
> ->
> -> > I fear this will plunge the world into war.
> ->
> -> I could see a very targeted attack against whoever the responsible
> -> parties are, like when we went into Panama or Libya.
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