IEEE-488 interface and Commodore Pet

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 00:33:35 2001

--- John Honniball <> wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:55:38 +0100 (BST) Tony Duell
> <> wrote:
> > Which IBM IEEE card? There are at least 2...

> My Brain Boxes card has a 7210 chip, plus the two IEEE bus
> buffer chips and a bunch of PALs, buffers, etc. for the ISA
> bus. There are six DIP-switches for the base address and
> mode, plus some jumpers for IRQ and DMA settings.

That sounds a little like what I have... Mine are National Instruments
180212-01, Rev A PCBs (c. 1984), silk-screened to Assy. No. 180210-0.
The main chip is an NEC 7201, the IEEE-488 interface chips are Nat. Semi
DS75162 and DS75160. There's a five-position DIP switch labelled "0, 1,
2, 14, 13", which I take to be a GPIB address, a bank of jumpers marked
"I2, I3, I4, I5, I6, I7" (it's an 8-bit card, but you don't usually see
things trying to use IRQ6), and a bank of DMA jumpers marked "R1, A1,
R2, A2, R3, A3". Additionally, there are unpopulated areas of the board,
indicating that it could have a Lithium coin cell, a 58167 and some
additional TTL logic (74LS273, 74LS00 and a 74LS32). I'd consider
populating it if a) I had the 58167 and b) knew what the values of the
dozen or so discreet parts are (including Xtal Y1).

I remember looking for this card on the Nat'l Instruments site when I
first got them. I came up zilch. Does anyone have any programming
info for these? I'd accept a DOS driver; I'd love register docs so I
could write Linux software.

I've recently been assisting someone in Australia with his Commodore
D9060 and D9090 drives. Being able to play with mine from a more
modern machine might keep my interest up. His problems included a
"helpful" tech who rearranged the PROMs on the OMTI 25011 board (SASI
to ST-506 - does anyone have docs on _that_, especially the SASI command
set it responds to?) and confusion about how a D9060 and D9090 differ
(jumpers on the "DOS" board that tell the unit how many heads to expect).

The good news on the D9060/D9090 front is that against all expectations,
it appears that it's possible to install an ST225 and format it and it
works. I never tried it myself because the Write Precomp numbers are
different between a ST-255 and the Tandon TM602S that was the standard
4-head drive in the D9060. I even bought another TM602S at the recent
Dayton Computerfest (at Hara Arena, like the Hamvention). It was only $3,
but I didn't inspect it carefully. Some *cretin* cut ALL the wires
coming out of the HDA that plugged into the circuit boards. I suppose I
have a spare set of boards and a good set of platters if I ever care
to break the seal and attempt to migrate the wires from a future dead
drive to this one. :-(

So in short, I'm looking for info on programming _my_ GPIB cards, the
Nat'l Instruments 180210, on the OMTI 25011 which I plan to drive
from said GPIB card, filtered through the DOS board of a C= D9060, and
the DOS board of a D9060 (a disassembled ROM could save me lots of time
doing it myself).

Anyone with info?



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