Asunto: Re: World Trade crash...

From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 01:08:28 2001

Don wrote:


> No, sorry, lean, effective, and cheap!

Lean and effective, yes.

Cheap? The hourly rate for 767 CPT time can run into the thousands,
and before you could set foot in one you'd have to be a modestly
accomplished turbine pilot -- otherwise the guys running the thing
would bounce you out -- or have access to your own (you could
probably train someone to fly the mission in maybe three hours
if you had unrestricted access to the machine and didn't mind
the risk of minor technical problems bringing the plane out of
the sky somewhere other than on the target).

Even with GPS leading you by the nose you'd still have to have
enough training to get the thing from the land of 29.92 to sea level
without overspeeding the pig, and both of the WTC strikes looked
like competent hand-flying, both on tape and to buddies on the

Not millions, but not the ANFO leagues, either -- and given the
strong sense of self-preservation shown by our home-grown terrorists,
probably _not_ domestic in origin.

Chris Kennedy
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