Introductory Electronics Book?

From: Alan Pearson <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 03:19:51 2001

> Chuck McManis wrote:
> > The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill
> >
> Great book, but definitely NOT as an introductory book.

I'm not sure that it falls into either category... I bought
it recently - it does start off assuming no prior knowledge,
so from that point of view it's suitable for beginners.

It does however get very "involved" quite early on... to me
though this is a good thing, and I wouldn't hesistate in
recommending the book to other beginners like myself as long
as you're genuinely motiviated enough to want to learn - I
had to re-read some sections several times before the mental
light clicked on :-) The "eureka" moment in the bath when I
finally understood how the NAND transistor circuit worked
was too cool for words ;-)

The writing style is very clear, they give "real world" examples,
sample circuits (both good and bad, to illustrate common
gotchas), and cover a huge range of topics. It's a MUST HAVE
in my opinion.

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