Tandy 1400 LT

From: Phil Schilling <pjschilling_at_gcstech.net>
Date: Wed Sep 12 05:36:48 2001

        There were a few before the 1400. The 100/102/200 for sure. There are many
100's and 102's still in use. I know a few journalists locally using them.


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I bought a Tandy 1400 portable today. Not bad shape, a bit of plastic
damage in a couple places on the case, but it lights up and asks for a
floppy and the battery doesn't even appear totally totally dead (only
mostly dead). Is this the first Tandy laptop? Anybody interested before

NEC 8088 4.77/7.00 MHz CPU (V-20)
LCD Backlit CGA Display Panel
Dual 3.5" 720k Disk Drives
640k RAM
Serial/Parallel/CGA/TV Connectors
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