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From: Shaun Stephenson <marino13_at_btinternet.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 14:06:19 2001

Yeah I agree - I guess its the time and short duration that are key to this and
that would make a difference.

I still stick by the fact that I for one would not let 3 guys with pocket knives
(no matter how mad they looked) scare me into letting them get on with the process
of killing, especially after they killed the stewardesses... that would probably
be enough catalyst for me to try to do something. Dont take it the wrong way, I'm
not saying "hey, look at me, I could deal with them no problem", but I definately
would give it a go if push came to shove. But hey, we have no idea what happened
really - people may well have tried, or they may all have been told it was a plain
hijack / hostage thing, I dunno. The lack of guns probably did look extremely
suspicious I think.

But above all this, I'm definately not trying to detract at all from the
credibility, braveness or intelligence of these poor people, many such debates
will rage on for months but overall my deepest regrets and best wishes go out to
all those families and friends, and complete and utmost respect to the people that

Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 marino13_at_btopenworld.com wrote:
> > I have to say that I agree with the original part of this - I have
> > been discussing this with my colleagues and I know for a FACT (and
> > yeah its a lot easier to say this when you're not involved) that I
> > would definately take the risk... the chances are you're gonna die
> > anyway. If the plane was on the ground or part of a "hostage scenario"
> > thats different but I am surprised not one person would have tried
> > anything. But who knows... perhaps they did.
> When you have a cross-country 8am flight, that means you probably got up
> pretty early that morning (maybe 5:30am), got showered and dressed, got
> your stuff together and rushed to the airport, still in a haze. You then
> got on the plane, put your bags up, maybe kicked off your shoes, and
> settled in for a long flight.
> All of a sudden, you're awoken by a bunch of maniacs who are thrusting
> knives at you and forcing you to the back of the plane. Within 15 minutes
> you are slamming into the side of a highrise building.
> Give these people some credit. They didn't have much time to react, let
> alone assess just what the heck was going on.
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