WTC attack suspects in custody

From: Jeffrey Ingber <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 15:00:16 2001

> >
> > >From what is on the tube, I'm persuaded that the authorities have arrested a
> > couple of people in Boston and a couple more in Florida with clear evidence of
> > their involvement in the attacks and clear ties to that Usama bin Laden, or
> > whatever he's called (the media can't seem to agree on a spelling, etc). The
> > subtitle on the tube said the White House won't move for a declaration of war
> > yet. I don't know what that means. With yesterdays remarks, however, and with
> > the chief exec's remarks about the U.S. position toward any nation that harbors
> > the perpetrators/sponsors of this terrorism, it could spell disaster for
> > Afghanistan.
> >

I saw the arrest of three suspects on a train leaving Boston. Where did
you hear that they had 'clear ties' to Bin Laden, or that actual arrests
we're made in Florida? It was stated that perhaps two homes were rented
by two pilot trainees from the Middle East, and they had vacated the
residence before the weekend.

I hope you're correct that they may have evidence of a connection to the
suspects - but I haven't heard anything - at least on CNN and MSNB yet.
Where did you hear this?

Jeffrey H. Ingber (jhingber _at_
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