Anyone want an 11/750 & 11/730 out of New Jersey?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 15:02:17 2001

--- Chris <> wrote:
> >Since you don't know what to do with either, here is a little warning,
> >they're big. I'm going to guess the 11/730 is a 19" rack, and the
> 11/750
> >will be bigger.
> YIKES... humm... then maybe I don't want them

The 11/730 came in two flavors, both in 19"x42" racks - the original
had the CPU in the middle in a pull-out enclosure, with (typically)
an RL02 on top and RB80 (121Mb) on the bottom. The later version looked
like a skinny 11/750 with the CPU behind a full-length door in a BA-11
with a custom backplane in part of it and presumably a regular DD11-DK
or two in the rest. Its TU-58s were, IIRC, accessible from the front.

The 11/750 was in a 42" tall cabinet also, but about 25% wider. The
backplane was turned so the cards were vertical, like an 11/780 or
other large VAX. It went from right to left, CPU cards, MASSBUS
cards, memory cards, then a DD11-DK on the right edge. If you didn't
need lots of Unibus peripherals, it could be self-contained from an
I/O standpoint. If you had a Unibus SCSI card, you could even make
it self-contained for disk (but you'd have to rig power from somewhere).
Tape could be another matter.

As I've said before, the 11/750 is one of my favorite VAXen. It's not
scorchingly fast, even by VAX standards, but with 8Mb, it'll run VMS4.x
just fine with room for a couple of users.


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